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Story – BLEND-DAT June 2018


Hey People! EerieSounds here.
How you doin’? I’m so happy to
share this new mixtape, the joy
and elation to relate with you
and share creativity. After 3
years lots of things in my
music and journey have
evolved. Changes are the
backbone, the path that
brought to it. That’s the
only constant, something
that touches everyone of us.
All my craft, devotion and
passion bleed through it: from
the first note up to the whole
release and even the artwork.
Attitude, Momentum, Soul.
The hectic era we’re living in,
signs of the times, our zeitgeist.
Sometimes beautiful or funny,
sometimes controversial or
ugly as fuck. Here’s the Blend,
here’s the Recipe… Let me
know how you feel it, I’ll be
glad to live it with you.
Blessings & wish you the
best in all that you do!

Take Care

– Yuri –



Tracklist – BLEND-DAT June 2018


#SeeItComing – BLEND-DAT June 2018

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