Celemony Melodyne 4
(Mac/Pc – Standalone / Aax
/ Au / Rtas / Vst – 64bit)

A software with which you
can edit audio in a more
musical way. Work with
notes, not with a meaningless
waveform, to shape your
tracks (especially pitch
and vocals). This new version
introduces positive features
which are almost unique
of its kind.

IZotope Ozone 7
(Mac/Pc – Aax / Au / Rtas
/ Vst – 32 / 64bit)

Mastering plugin including
eight tools: maximizer,
equalizer, multiband
dynamics, multiband stereo
imaging, post equalizer,
multiband harmonic exciter,
reverb and dithering. First
choice for a top notch
digital mastering.

WML Drumagog 5 Platinum
(Mac/Pc – Aax 64 / Au
/ Rtas / Vst – 32 / 64bit)

Probably the best drum
replacement plug-in out
there. It’s bundled with a
broad library of drum sounds,
suitable for many genres and
workstations. Fix and enhance
your drum tracks with ease
and fast tweaking.

Waves Gold Bundle 2
(Mac/Pc – Aax Native / Au / Audiosuite
/ Rtas / Soundgrid / Vst – 64bit)

From essential processing like
eq and compression to utility
plugins to solve your audio
challenges quickly, this
bundle is a studio workhorse.
It comes packed as a
complete audio solution.
All the essentials you need
to take your mixes to the
next level.