IZotope Ozone 8 
(Mac/Pc – Aax / Au / Rtas / Vst / Vst3)


Mastering suite including
twelve tools: spectral shaper,
equalizer, dynamic equalizer,
post equalizer, maximizer,
imager, exciter, multiband
dynamics plus the vintage
bundle with limiter, tape,
equalizer and compressor.
First choice for a top notch
digital mastering.

Melda Production MFreeFx
(Mac/Pc – Aax / Au / Vst / Vst3)

A complete bundle with
several useful processors:
an a array of 32 (!) free
mixing plugins that you
can upgrade to advanced
at the cost of a single digital
tool. Quality is pretty good,
sporting clean interfaces,
tweakability and a foot
in the business nearly
for a dime. This ain’t
no joke, go check them.

WML Drumagog 5 Platinum
(Mac/Pc – Aax / Au / Rtas / Vst / Vst3)

Probably the best drum
replacement plug-in out
there. It’s bundled with a
broad library of drum sounds,
suitable for many genres and
workstations. Fix and enhance
your drum tracks with ease
and fast tweaking.

Waves “On-Demand” Bundles
(Mac/Pc – Aax / Au / Audiosuite
/ Rtas / Soundgrid / Vst / Vst3 )

From essential processing like
eq and compression to utility
plugins that solve your audio
challenges quickly, Waves
bundles are true workhorses.
Now you can build your
own audio solution from
their site: 25% up to 40%
discounts off per bundle.
Industry standard plugins
that will take your mixes
to the next level.