Adam F5
(60watts Power)

An admirable balance of low
cost and quality performance.
These speakers sit in a price
sector that appeals to small
studio operators and
deliver good performance
within a low price range.

Jbl LSR 305
(80watts Power)

These monitors give a good
account of themselves, stand
comparison with anything
else in the same price and
with many speakers costing
a lot more. They provide a
honest image of your mixes
and do their best at ear level.

Tascam VL S5
(70watts Power)

If you’re on a tight budget
and you need some compact
monitors that will let you
get some serious work done,
these are worth considering.
Tascam has a proven record
of quality devices in the
professional audio domain.

Yamaha HS 5
(70watts Power)

HS bring the NS10 concept up
to date in an active package
that can deliver a decent
amount of low-end without
adding a subwoofer. Their
slightly aggressive sound
can be a thing that a lot
of people is looking for.