Akg C 3000
(Condenser Mic)

Pretty good electret mic,
almost identical to the
original B version. AKG
relaunched it in 2012 as
the C 3000, modeled again
on the original C 3000B
design. A quite solid and
versatile condenser mic.

Rode NT 1
(Condenser Mic)

An upgrade on the NT 1A
concept with a more refined
tonality. The shockmount
is a great addition, this
microphone won’t let you
down and fights tooth and
nail against more acclaimed
condensers. Perfect for vocals
and acoustic instruments.

Shure SM 57
(Dynamic Mic)

Unidirectional dynamic mic
that has been used in some
respect on 75% of the
recordings all over the
world. It’s known for
sounding good on
everything and for its
contoured presence,
sometime famous as
“midrange honk”.

Shure SM 58
(Dynamic Mic)

Perhaps the most widely
known vocal mic in the
world. It’s a cardioid
dynamic mic, designed
around the same Unidyne III
capsule as the Sm57. In fact,
the Sm58 differs from the
Sm57 in only a few aspects
(foam blast filter, ball grille,
cartridge resonator).