Apogee One
(Mac only – Up to
24bit / 96khz)

Unique combination of
features, sound quality
and portability at a price
point previously unheard
for something of this nature.
If you have limited ins and
outs requirements is a
go-to option.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
(Mac/Pc – Up to
24bit / 192khz)

Perfect interface for someone
who records at home or in
project studios. Converters
are good quality and preamps
are fairly adequate for making
recordings with mics and
line level sources.

MAudio MTrack 2x2M
(Mac/Pc – Up to
24bit / 192khz)

It features new transparent
low-noise preamps and good
A/D converters. The new
specially designed gain and
impedance stage provide the
most accurate representation
of a guitar or bass directly
into an interface.

Presonus Audiobox ITwo
(Mac/Pc – Up to
24bit / 96khz)

Attractive and affordable for
recording on computer and
iPad, iOS integration and
useful bundled software.
The interface incorporates
two combo inputs with
class A preamps and
quality converters that
will capture sources in
detail, anywhere you
are ready  to record.