AudioTechnica Ath M30

M-Series monitor headphones
deliver accurate audio and
outstanding comfort, perfect
for long sessions in the studio
and in full swing. Contoured
earcups seal tight for
excellent sound isolation
with minimal bleed.
Good budget cans
for monitoring and

AudioTechnica Ath M50

Comfortable, with good
isolation that makes
them suitable for laptop
composition on the move.
A reliable source for
monitoring at home and
for professional studio
environments. The most
acclaimed model in
the M line, praised by top
audio engineers and pro
audio reviewers year
after year.

BeyerDynamic Dt 231 Pro

Though slightly lacking in the
mids, these cans provide
clear, non-flabby, non-bloated
bass, as well as extended
highs that lack the harshness
found in cheap headphones.
All in all, a standout among
budget monitoring headphones.

BeyerDynamic Dt 770 Pro

Closed back, diffuse-field
headphones featuring bass
reflex technology for
improved bass response
and clinically accurate high
reproduction. Slightly
enhanced on the mids
range, they result as one of
the most linear and accurate
monitors in the market. Great
choice for production and