Akai Apc 20
(Mac/Pc – Power Supply)

A multipurpose controller
loaded with flexible and
useful functions. Solid and
easy to use, intuitive and
loaded with all the essential
controls (transport, scenes,
faders, notes, mixer).

Akai Mpk 249
(Mac/Pc – Bus Powered)


Well-built, playable and
powerful keyboard in an great
package. User-friendly
controller favouring intuitive
playability over excessive
complexity. Great both in
live and studio.

Novation LaunchKey 49
(Mac/Pc – Bus Powered)

Controller featured with
knobs, sliders and pads.
A pack of useful software
bundled in, the Launchkey
delivers painless live
performance and intuitive
studio control on the go.

Novation Launchpad
(Mac/Pc – Bus Powered)

8×8 grid that has become
ubiquitous in electronic
music, letting you launch
clips, play drum racks and
controlling your mixer.
Launchpad integrates
immediately with Ableton
Live: lightweight, easy
to pack and tocarry around.